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Cocktail Academy na TV (SIC)

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Vanilla Cassis Mojito

20 ml Havana Club Añejo Blanco
10 ml Vanilla liqueur
10 ml Blackcurrant liqueur
20 ml Fresh lime juice
12 Fresh mint leaves
1tsp White sugarCrushed
iceSparkling water

Lightly muddle the mint leaves, lime juice and sugar. Add crushed ice. Pour the Havana Club Añejo Blanco, the vanilla liqueur and the cassis liqueur into a glass. Stir with a barspoon. Top with soda water.

Tasting Notes
“I always take classic drinks and try to give them a facelift. Vanilla, mint and cassis really go well together. Especially for the ladies…” Stefan Notteboom - Sugar Lounge, Zurich

Stefan Notteboom
Sugar LoungeLowenstrasse 2, 8001 ZurichZurich

For more recipes visit Havana Club website

Mr.Prospero @ Havana Club " El Culto a la Vida" Tour 09

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Mr.Prospero @ Hotel Tivoli Carvoeiro powered by Cocktail Academy

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts and Cocktail Academy by Paulo Ramos welcome you all to the summer season.

This summer once again for the 3rd year the Duna Beach @ Tivoli Lagos with Cocktail Academy Bartender Eva and for the first time the Tivoli Carvoeiro, "Tiki Poolside Bar" with Cocktail Bartender Mr. Prospero hosting the party.

Tiki Cocktails, Margaritas, Daiquiris and the best Fruit Mojitos right at the poolside and the beautifull views of our private beach.




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Tales of the Cocktail 2009

2009 Official Cocktail: The Creole Julep

Maksym Pazuniak, a mixologist at
Rambla and Cure, won over the judges with his balanced and well-layered julep featuring Cruzan Single Barrel Estate
Rum, Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb, Captain Morgan 100 Proof Rum, Fee Brothers Peach Bitters, Angostura Bitters, fresh
mint, and Demerara sugar.

"The Mint Julep was the drink that put American mixology on the map, the thing that foreigners pointed to when they wanted
to say something nice about the rough-and-tumble new nation on the western shore of the Atlantic. And originally, like most
American inventions, it allowed for plenty of individuality and improvisation. With this contest, the Julep is back," says
author and cocktail historian David Wondrich.

The Creole Julep
Created by Maksym Pazuniak, Rambla/Cure

2 1/4 oz. Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum

1/2 oz. Clement Creole Shrubb

1/4 oz. Captain Morgan 100 Rum

2 dashes Fee Bros. Peach bitters

2 dashes Angostura bitters

8-10 mint leaves

1 Demerara Sugar Cube

Maksym's cocktail will be served throughout Tales of the Cocktail, July 8-12 and will be featured in the summer issue of
Culinary Concierge Magazine and on CocktailTimes.com.

The second place cocktail was the Joie de Julep, created by
Corey Bunnewith of Drink. The third place cocktail was the Ginger Peach
Julep, created by Wayne Curtis, a freelance journalist.

Tales of the Cocktail has also collaborated with The Liquid Muse Virgin Mixology and Fre Alcohol Removed Wines to
offer the festival’s second annual official non-alcoholic cocktail, which is also a Julep. The Sassy Southern Belle
will be the official nonalcoholic cocktail of Tales of the Cocktail and will be served at several of their signature events.
visit www.talesofthecocktail.com

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Cocktail Academy Arround the World

Cocktail Academy by Paulo Ramos a Bartending School based in Portugal on its constant search for the best bartending solutions is now the official distributor for Finest Call Fruit purees in Portugal.
Mr. Steve Dingley the European brand ambassador for Finest Call will be present once again in Portugal for a Product presentation, this time the place will be the beautifull Vilamoura / Algarve in the south of Portugal. The event will take place at the famous Nikki Beach/Vilamoura Marina Hotel.
Come and join us, the entry is free of charge. Book your seat now!

Bartending Course level 1 & Master Frozen Drinks
25/26/27 & 29 may 2009
Vagueira Beach / Aveiro
Book your seat now !
Course Price : 200 eur
Call to book: +351 91 33 66 384

Bartending Training For Clubs Arround the World

Cocktail Academy has a training program for clubs arround the world.
Cocktails, mixology, freestyle, entertainement!!
Contact us for more info and prices.

Cocktail Academy Workshops

We have cocktail workshops for company meetings or coorporate meetings.
A full day of hands on the job with one of our specialized bartenders, you will learn the techniques and mix your favourite cocktails.
The best way to relax and improve team work and relashionships.
Call us now and book your next coorporate workshop.
All inquiries and information available on:
E-mail us:
or call us:
+351 91 99 29 337
+351 91 33 66 384

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Citadelle - Authentic French Gin.

The recipe for Citadelle Gin was developed by a distillery in Dunkirk in 1771. Dunkirk was one of the first ports of call in Europe for many explorers sailing back from the Orient, whose ships were laden with exotic herbs and spices.

Citadelle Gin is made according to principles laid down in the original recipe. Although the production techniques have improved over the centuries, we still use the same 19 botanicals listed in the original recipe.

Citadelle, the only gin with 19 spices
Citadelle Gin is the only gin in the world made with 19 different botanicals, giving the gin a unique, complex, well-balanced flavour. The secret recipe is known only by the master distiller. In keeping with the traditions of the first European trading captains of the 17th century, only the finest spices are used. This unrivalled variety of spices comes from many distant and diverse places:
Juniper France
Coriander Morocco
Orange peel Mexico
Cardamom India
Liquorice China
Cubeb pepper Java
Savory France
Fennel Méditerranean
Iris Italy
Cinnamon Sri Lanka
Violets France
Almonds Spain
Cassia Indochina
Angélica Germany
Grains of paradise West Africa
Cumin Holland
Nutmeg India
Lemon rind Spain
Star anise France

A "hand-crafted" gin
Citadelle gin is triple-distilled from wheat and spring water. Before being steeped in neutral alcohol, the botanicals are carefully selected and then placed in a specific bag. This infusion is then distilled to capture each separate aroma, so that the intermingled, complex flavours can develop independently.

Tasting notes
Citadelle gin offers a subtle bouquet, with aromas of juniper and citrus. It is elegant, soft, and smooth on the palate. It has a long aftertaste which expresses its aromatic complexity to the fullest. At 44° - 88 proof, Citadelle gin is perfectly balanced between intensity and finesse.
The purity and subtle flavour of Citadelle gin makes it an ideal base for many cocktails, in particular the best Gin & Tonic in the world.

Mr.Próspero and Cocktail Academy were at the Alimentaria 09-Lisboa with Citadelle Gin and the presentation was a success, the tasting surprised most of the presents with its particular smooth flavour.

The Molecular team, Mr. próspero and Chef Fábio, created a special molecular cocktail with Citadelle Gin.

A caviar of Gin, Ginger syrup, fresh Black Pepper and Apple Balsamic sauce.

A different way of tasting Gin for the surprise of the presents.

Cheers to Citadelle Gin.

Visit www.citadellegin.com

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Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes

On April the 21st, "Finest Call" Premium Cocktail Mixes, officially entered the Portuguese market through Cocktail Academy Portugal, their oficial distributor for Portugal.
The presentation took place at the Alimentaria Food & Beverage Exhibition in Lisboa, with hundreds of guests attending, it was a big success. The presentation had the presence of Finest Call international sales manager, Mr.Bob Jones, and the European brand ambassador Mr. Steve Dingley a former bartender from the UK .
The guests had the chance to taste the products before Steve take place behind the bar and mix some easy, fast and tasty cocktails with Finest Call products. Just by itself or even adding a little bit of fresh fruit anyone can make perfct and consistant cocktails everyday.
The range of products goes from fruit pureés to pré-mixes and bar syrups, with an exclusive bottle designed for bartenders the product has a shelf life of one year and a month after opened.
The need for productive cocktail solutions puts Finest Call on the front line with their rentable quality products, so does Cocktail Academy with their long experience in trainning and providing rentable solutions for bars, pubs, nightclubs or high class hotels and resorts. Cocktail Academy in the search for the best quality solutions became Finest Call official distributor for Portugal and soon we will be crossing the country with local presentations with our brand ambassadors.
So if you are interested in helding a presentation at your bar or if you need more information about the products, feel free to contact me, Flavio Prospero - prosprobar@hotmail.com, +351 91 33 66 384
or contact Cocktail Academy web site, www.ramoscocktailacademy.com

To order call me on my mobile : +351 91 33 66 384

Finest Call

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Alimentaria 09 - International Food & Beverage Exhibition

Alimentaria 09
FIL, Lisboa

April 19th to 22nd, 2009

Cocktail Academy will have a large stand at the "Alimentaria 09, International Food & Beverage exhibition" .

we will be doing daily seminars and shows on mixology, molecular mixology, new cocktails and new products.

We also have the stand at your serviçe for product presentations or seminars, so if you would like us to promote your product or to come and do a presentation yourself at the exhibition, fell free to contact us to book a date or an hour.


Cocktail Academy Portugal
or call us at +351 91 99 29 337 (Mr. Paulo Ramos)

Register Free for the Alimentaria Exhibition

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The Bramble

"Created in the mid 1980s by Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in Soho,

The "Original" Recipe.
Created by Dick Bradsell

1 ½ shots Plymouth Gin
¾ shot fresh lemon juice
½ shot sugar syrup
Build over crushed ice, in a whisky glass. Stir, then pour over ¾ shot of cremé
de mûre; garnish with a lemon slice and two raspberries.

The Fix

By George Sinclair
Listed in Jerry Thomas' bartenders guide (1862), and subsequently copied by Leo
Engel in his work, the Fix is the forefather of the Bramble. As a category, the Fix
is regarded as being dead, however it would seem that it in fact lives on, as the

Gin Fix
(Use small bar-glass.)
Take 1 large tea-spoonful of powdered white sugar dissolved in a little water.
2 dashes of Raspberry syrup.
The juice of a quarter of a lemon.
1 wine-glass of Hollands gin.

Fill up the glass two-thirds full of shaved ice, stir thoroughly, and ornament the
top with berries in season. Old Tom gin may be used if preferred.

The author, George Sinclair, operates the www.thinkingbartender.com website, and
Also, check out his youtube channel: www.youtube.com/thinkingbartender

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A flavored sugar syrup, non-or-lightly alcoholic (5 to 11%), used almost exclusively in rum-based tropical drinks. Thick, transluscent and straw-colored, it has a subtle sweet/tart/spicy character. There is some question as to when it was created - some sources suggesting as long ago as the 1700s, others pinpointing it in the 1890s or 1930s. Two companies have asserted themselves to be successors to the inventor of falernum. Velvet Falernum, produced by R.L. Seale, Ltd. said to have been invented by John D. Taylor in 1890, and Stansfeld-Scott, Inc., successors to A.V. Stansfeld in said to have been invented by A.V. Stansfeld in 1935. A Bajan brand, Stansfeld Falernum is no longer produced. No independent corroboration has yet been established for either claim. The Velvet Falernum bottle shows a depiction of a gold medal said to have been won in 1923 at a Bajan agricultural exhibition. There too, the depiction is generic and no specific information has been presented regarding the exhibition. Even its general citation is vague. That said, the 45 year earlier claim is persuasive.
Though there are several brands, there is no other commercial substitute of falernum's flavor characteristics. Combine orgeat syrup with vanilla. allspice, clove, ginger, Angostura bitters & lime juice to approximate it.

Falernum Recipe (1896)
1 Part Lime Juice
2 Parts Sugar Syrup
3 Parts Rum
4 Parts Water

Add almonds (almond extract) and allow the mixture to rest for a week. After resting bottle and serve over cracked ice with a teaspoon of wormwood bitters or substitute good quality bitters.
"Falernum" (The Philadelphia Inquirer August 2, 1896)

What is the Tales of the Cocktail ?

Tales of the Cocktail is an internationally acclaimed festival of cocktails, cuisine, and culture held annually in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event brings together the best and brightest of the cocktail community — award-winning mixologists, authors, bartenders, chefs, and designers — for a five-day celebration of the history and artistry of making drinks.
Each year offers a spirited series of dinners, demos, tastings, competitions, seminars, book signings, tours, and parties all perfectly paired with some of the best cocktails ever made.
Tales of the Cocktail 2009:
Wed, July 8th – Sun, July 12th

Special Guests and Presenters
Since 2003, Tales of the Cocktail has hosted the top mixologists, bartenders, chefs and authors of the cocktail and culinary industry, resulting in the most influential gathering of mixologists in the world year after year. Over the last five years, these special guests have traveled from across the country and the world (such as Australia, Holland, Russia) and have included:
Ted Allen, Emmy Award winner and star of Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Top Chef”
Kevin Brauch, host of “The Thirsty Traveler”
Dale DeGroff, “King Cocktail” and author of The Craft of the Cocktail
Tony Abou-Ganim, The Modern Mixologist
Audrey Saunders, owner, of The Pegu Club, New York
Charlotte Voisey, award-winning international bartender
Julie Reiner, co-owner and creative director of the Flatiron Lounge, New York
Georg Riedel, tenth generation glassmaker and president of Riedel Crystal
Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, James Beard Book Award-winning authors
Ted Haigh, “Dr. Cocktail” and cocktail historian
Robert Hess, creator of Drinkboy.com
Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, co-founders of The Museum of the American Cocktail
Tales of the Cocktail 2009 is scheduled to take place July 8-12 in New Orleans. Now in its 7th year, Tales of the Cocktail is the world’s foremost spirits, cocktails and mixology-related event, and this year Tales returns to the Hotel Monteleone and other nearby hotels, bars, restaurants and establishments for five days of seminars, dinners, special events and assorted revelry.
Guests attending Tales of the Cocktail are eligible for special room rates at participating hotels. These rates are available now, but the rooms don’t last long, so it’s a good idea to make your reservations right away — visit the Tales of the Cocktail website for links and more information.

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InnSide Caffé - Molecular Mixology in the Algarve !

The time is to inovate and that's what is happening at the "InnSide Caffé" Algarve.
Located in Carvoeiro Beach, a small fisherman's beach, InSide Caffé is a must go place when visiting the Algarve beautifull beaches.
From the beautifull international crowd to stunning flair moments performed by Sergio, one of the owners, or any of the many guest Bartenders invited to entertain and perform.
The lattest from InnSide are the Molecular Cocktails that Pedro Ferreira and his crew are experimenting successfully for the delight of their costumers, Jelly shots, Molecular martinis, foams, etc, ask them for the lattest creations and you'll be impressed.
Just to have an idea i'll leave you a few pics.
Visit InnSide Caffé at Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal.

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St.Germain - Elderflower Liqueur

Fine artisanal French liqueur
All natural, made from 100% fresh, handpicked elderflowers
Subtle yet complex flavor
Low sugar content, roughly half that of other liqueurs
Easily pairs with a variety of spirits in many cocktails
Elegant French-inspired bottle to adorn your back bar
IN THE foothills of the Alps, for but a few fleeting spring days, this man will gather wild blossoms for your cocktail.
The blossoms in question are elderflowers, the man un bohemian, and the cocktail a stylishly simple creation made with St-Germain, the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms.

Pear tree Martini

1 ½ Shots
Pear Vodka
1 ½ Shots
1/8 to 1/4 Shot
Fresh Lime Juice or Sour Mix
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a slice of D'Anjou pear. No D'Anjou? Substitute Bartlett. Bartlett out of season? Opt for a twist. Preferably carved from a pear-shaped lemon.
Variation: For a French Pear Martini, shake first two ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass with a sugared rim. Top with Champagne.

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Carnival Time !!! Samba & caipirinhas !!!

Its carnival season and time to go out and buy some fresh tropical fruits for the caipirinhas.
Caipirinha is the national drink of Brasil and Portugal too...
There are inumerous recipes for caipirinhas, with Vodka, Rum, even with White Port, dont believe me?
Here's a few recipes for unusual caipirinhas.


2 oz White Port Real Companhia Velha
2 Lime quarters
2 Strawberries
2 bsp white cane sugar

Mash the fruit with the sugar, add the white Port and crushed ice
Shake and serve

BrandyMel Smash

1 1/4 oz BrandyMel Portuguese Liqueur
2 Mandarine wedges
2 Lime wedges
1 oz Ginger Ale

Mash the Mandarines with the Limes, add the BrandyMel and crushed ice
Shake well and top with Ginger Ale

Mediterranean Caipirinha

2 oz Sagatiba Cachaça
2 grapes
2 basil leaves
1 strawberry
2 bsp white sugar
Mash all the ingredients together, then add the cachaça and crused ice
Shake well and serve

Mash the fruits and the basil with the sugar, add the cachaça and crushed ice
Shake well and serve

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The Cooperstown Cocktail

Yesterday when having a look a the 1917 bar book " The Ideal Bartender" by Tom Bullock, i found a recipe that sounded interesting to my taste, "The Cooperstown Cocktail", a fresh libation with a mixture of Old Tom Gin, Vermouth and fresh mint, a perfect concoction to have before a nice meal, cause of its minty and dry flavour.
The Cooperstown Cocktail from Old Waldorf Bar Days (1931), reports that the drink was created at the hotel's Big Brass Rail bar for some money men from Cooperstown, NY. In The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930) the Cooperstown consists of equal parts dry vermouth, sweet vermouth and gin.


by Tom Bullock,1917

Use a large Bar glass.
Fill with Lump Ice.
One jigger of Sir Robert Burnette's Old Tom Gin.
1/2 pony of Italian Vermouth.
Six leaves of fresh Mint.
Shake ingredients well together.
Strain and serve in Cocktail glass.

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Mixing Glass* ,Bartending Magazine February 2009

The Cover is ready and the next issue of Mixing Glass* is about to come out.
New design, more recipes, enterviews, etc...
Mix it, with style !!

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Penny Royal Liqueur - Licor de Poejo " A Farrobinha" - Algarve

Botanical: Mentha Pulegium (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Labiatae

This species of Mint, a native of most parts of Europe and parts of Asia, is the Pulegium of the Romans, so named by Pliny from its reputed power of driving away fleas - pulex being the Latin for flea, hence the Italian pulce and the French puce. This name given the plant in ancient times has been retained as its modern specific name. It is sometimes known to the country-people as 'Run by the Ground' and 'Lurk in the Ditch,' from its manner of growth.
It was formerly much used in medicine, the name Pennyroyal being a corruption of the old herbalists' name 'Pulioll-royall' (Pulegium regium), which we meet also in the Middle Ages as 'Piliole-rial.' It has been known to botanists since the time of Linnaeus as Mentha Pulegium.
One of its popular names is 'Pudding Grass,' from being formerly used in stuffings for hog's puddings ('grass' being, like 'wort,' a word simply meaning 'herb'). It is still used abroad in various culinary preparations.
A famous stuffing was once made of Pennyroyal, pepper and honey.
Harvesting---Pennyroyal is mostly sold in the dry state for making tea, the stems being cut when the plant is just about to flower and dried in the usual manner.
Constituents---The fresh herb yields about 1 per cent of a volatile oil, oil of Pulegium, a yellow or greenish-yellow liquid, obtained by distillation, and having a strong aromatic odour and taste. The chief constituent is ketone pulegone.

A Farrobinha Liqueurs

Born from the love for regional fruits and herbs, there's an old recipe almost forgotten by the older and wise menwith secrets of the Algarvian Barrocal. Producing from jams to fruits in syrup, honey and liqueurs, "A Farrobinha" became a sucessfull idea in South Portugal, varieties like Fennel liqueur, Fig, Loquat Seed, Acorn, Carob Bean, Viagreta and Pennyroyal are part of their portfolio of traditional handcrafted liqueurs.

Lost Poejo* by Mr. Próspero

1 1/4 oz Pennyroyal Liqueur
3/4 oz Irish Whisky
1/2 oz Fresh Cream

Mix all ingredients in a mixing glass and shake hard, then pour into a chilled Martini glass and decorate with nutmeg and pennyroyal.

South Portugal by Mr. Próspero
A white sugar cube soaked in pennyroyal liqueur, Black Bush Irish whisky and Violet syrup charged with Champagne.

Pear Drop Brullée by Mr. Próspero
Hot pear purée gently mixed with vanilla infused Vodka, Pennyroyal liqueur and Vanilla syrup, served hot with a cinnamon stick and a whole clove.
Poejo Mai Tai by Mr.Próspero

3/4 oz Dark Rum
1/4 oz Spiced Rum
1/2 oz Orange Curaçao
1/2 oz Pennyroyal Liqueur
1 oz Fresh lime juice

Shake all ingredients and serve in a old-fashioned glass with crushed ice and pennyroyal.


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Mixing Glass* , Online Bartending Newsletter

New Year, new magazine...
Mixing Glass* is my new online Bartending Newsletter, all in Portuguese, containing diferent subjects about the world of Bartending and drinks.
If you would like to subscrive it, please send me an e-mail to prosprobar@hotmail.com and you will start to receive it on your e-mail adresses.
The more subscriptions it will have the stronger it will get, and the idea is to make it a real Bartending Magazine, so that one day everyone can buy it on the local newspaper store.
Mixing Glass* is the missing tool in our country, there are alot of wine magazines but noone bar magazine, so help me make it happen, lets create a new movement for the Cocktail and Bar culture here in Portugal, lets be professional and proud of what we are and what we do!!!
Because Life is Entertainment...
Bartending is my Life!!!!

Flávio Próspero

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New Year... New Recipes!!!

A new year has come and my wish is that everyone can achieve their goals and enjoy life the best way they can with a cocktail on hand.
To Start the year in a good way i gathered a few recipes to help you cheer up and start 2009 with the right foot.
But first and because we now are a global village here are some toasts from arround the world.

Austrian: Prosit
Portuguese : Saude. Viva
Chinese : Gom Bay
Danish : Skol
Dutch : Proost
Finnish: Kippis
French : Sante
German : Prosit
Hawaiian : Okole Maluna, Hauoul Maoul oe, Meul Kaulkama
Irish : Slainte
Italian : A la tu Salute
Japanese : Kam Pai
Mexican : Salud
Norwegian : Skol
Russian : Na Zdorovia
Spanish : Salud
Swedish : Skol
Zulu : Oogy Wawaa

Heirloom Martini
1/4 piece heirloom tomato
Small sprig fresh basil plus more leaves, for garnish
2 ounces premium gin
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/2-ounce orange flavored liqueur
Lords Of Salt Hazelnut Salt
Rub a cut lemon around the rim of a chilled martini glass. Dip the glass, upside down, in the Hazelnut salt. You might need to crush the salt to make it small enough to stick to the rim. In a pint glass or a Boston shaker, muddle the tomato and basil. Add ice, the gin, lemon juice and orange liqueur. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a basil leaf.

pumpkin nog
1 fifth Southern Comfort
12 jumbo eggs
5 cups of whole milk
½ lb. superfine sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ cup pumpkin puree*

"Christmas is not properly observed unless you brew nog for all comers; everybody calls on everybody else; and each call is celebrated by a solemn egg-nogging…"
— An English visitor 1866

Homemade Rock & Rye
Rye Whiskey, 1/5 gallon, not a full quart
Jamaica Rum, jigger
Rock candy, ½ cup, leave in large lumps
Whole cloves, 1 doz.
Quartered small orange, peel left on
Quartered seedless lemon, peel left on
Stick of cinnamon, or two
Put ingredients in a jar, cover with Rye, and stand for a fortnight. Strain out spices through fine cloth or filter paper. Put back on fruit until needed.

"Rock & Rye can be served hot with excellent effect to fight off colds, influenza’s, miasmas, megrims, swamp mists, and blackwater fevers. In fact any sort of excuse seems to work."
- Charles H. Baker, Jr. The Gentleman’s Companion, 1946

Pandora's Cure
created by Mirjana Kucan

2 oz. Hendrick's Gin
¾ oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
1 oz. Brut Champagne or Sparkling Wine
2 Rose Petals
1 Cucumber Slice
2 drops Rose Flower Water
Directions:In a mixing glass, muddle 1 rose petal and the cucumber slice. Add ice, Hendrick's Gin and PAMA. Stir well. Line chilled coupe glass with rose flower water and discard remaining liquid. Strain through tea or julep strainer into coupe glass. Float Brut Champagne or sparkling wine.
Garnish:Garnish with a rose petal, floating in the liquid like an upright bowl, filled with Argento Fino.