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Citadelle - Authentic French Gin.

The recipe for Citadelle Gin was developed by a distillery in Dunkirk in 1771. Dunkirk was one of the first ports of call in Europe for many explorers sailing back from the Orient, whose ships were laden with exotic herbs and spices.

Citadelle Gin is made according to principles laid down in the original recipe. Although the production techniques have improved over the centuries, we still use the same 19 botanicals listed in the original recipe.

Citadelle, the only gin with 19 spices
Citadelle Gin is the only gin in the world made with 19 different botanicals, giving the gin a unique, complex, well-balanced flavour. The secret recipe is known only by the master distiller. In keeping with the traditions of the first European trading captains of the 17th century, only the finest spices are used. This unrivalled variety of spices comes from many distant and diverse places:
Juniper France
Coriander Morocco
Orange peel Mexico
Cardamom India
Liquorice China
Cubeb pepper Java
Savory France
Fennel Méditerranean
Iris Italy
Cinnamon Sri Lanka
Violets France
Almonds Spain
Cassia Indochina
Angélica Germany
Grains of paradise West Africa
Cumin Holland
Nutmeg India
Lemon rind Spain
Star anise France

A "hand-crafted" gin
Citadelle gin is triple-distilled from wheat and spring water. Before being steeped in neutral alcohol, the botanicals are carefully selected and then placed in a specific bag. This infusion is then distilled to capture each separate aroma, so that the intermingled, complex flavours can develop independently.

Tasting notes
Citadelle gin offers a subtle bouquet, with aromas of juniper and citrus. It is elegant, soft, and smooth on the palate. It has a long aftertaste which expresses its aromatic complexity to the fullest. At 44° - 88 proof, Citadelle gin is perfectly balanced between intensity and finesse.
The purity and subtle flavour of Citadelle gin makes it an ideal base for many cocktails, in particular the best Gin & Tonic in the world.

Mr.Próspero and Cocktail Academy were at the Alimentaria 09-Lisboa with Citadelle Gin and the presentation was a success, the tasting surprised most of the presents with its particular smooth flavour.

The Molecular team, Mr. próspero and Chef Fábio, created a special molecular cocktail with Citadelle Gin.

A caviar of Gin, Ginger syrup, fresh Black Pepper and Apple Balsamic sauce.

A different way of tasting Gin for the surprise of the presents.

Cheers to Citadelle Gin.

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