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Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes

On April the 21st, "Finest Call" Premium Cocktail Mixes, officially entered the Portuguese market through Cocktail Academy Portugal, their oficial distributor for Portugal.
The presentation took place at the Alimentaria Food & Beverage Exhibition in Lisboa, with hundreds of guests attending, it was a big success. The presentation had the presence of Finest Call international sales manager, Mr.Bob Jones, and the European brand ambassador Mr. Steve Dingley a former bartender from the UK .
The guests had the chance to taste the products before Steve take place behind the bar and mix some easy, fast and tasty cocktails with Finest Call products. Just by itself or even adding a little bit of fresh fruit anyone can make perfct and consistant cocktails everyday.
The range of products goes from fruit pureés to pré-mixes and bar syrups, with an exclusive bottle designed for bartenders the product has a shelf life of one year and a month after opened.
The need for productive cocktail solutions puts Finest Call on the front line with their rentable quality products, so does Cocktail Academy with their long experience in trainning and providing rentable solutions for bars, pubs, nightclubs or high class hotels and resorts. Cocktail Academy in the search for the best quality solutions became Finest Call official distributor for Portugal and soon we will be crossing the country with local presentations with our brand ambassadors.
So if you are interested in helding a presentation at your bar or if you need more information about the products, feel free to contact me, Flavio Prospero -, +351 91 33 66 384
or contact Cocktail Academy web site,

To order call me on my mobile : +351 91 33 66 384

Finest Call

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