sábado, 22 de novembro de 2008

A girl's "Tale", a dança do shaker

"one more drink"- Ludacris

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Bols Molecular Mixology

Mr.Próspero in Italy for Molecular Mixology Course

The past month of october was a month dedicated to molecular mixology and Grappa.
The Portuguese bartending school Cocktail Academy always dedicated to inovation and development of bartending, organised a trip to Italy, for a Molecular Mixology and Advanced Mixology course. The team of Bartenders spend an amazing 5 days arround Milan area, visitting grappa distelleries, famous cocktail bars in Venice and Treviso and two Master courses on Molecular Mixology and Advanced Mixology.
Former chef at the famous El Buli, Chef Terry and his friend from the Italian bioquimic institute, revealled the secrets behind a Bloody Mary spherification or a mojito foam.tecniques, flavors, tastes on this new scientific level of mixology.
"The Cocktails you can Eat"
The last part of the trip was dedicated to Advanced Mixology, taken by the Master himself, Mr. Paulo Ramos showed us how to prepare unusual libations like mushroom purée or a sweet corn cocktail.
As soon as we all returned to our bars i sensed a new turn over on the mixology scene in Portugal, somewhere in a bar close to you, i'm sure at this moment there is a new Einstein creating a creme brullée caviar or preparing a sweet potatoe purée to be served hot.
Prepare yourself and stay open mind because they are out there for you to try.
Myself... i'm already on the Lab experimenting crazy things with this discipline, as usual you can step in to DiDi's Mixology Lounge Bar and ask for our new released Mixology Menu and try some of these UNOBVIOUS LIBATIONS.
for now i'll leave you with some ideas ...