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Aveiro - Little Venice in Portugal

Aveiro is the most strategic location in the country: in its center, crossed by all major routes, could achieve little time in airports, ports, railways and Spain. Aveiro has fantastic weather having reasonable high temperatures from june to October.A natural paradise by excellence, the Ria of Aveiro is a unique case in the entire country. As a result of the receding coastline and the formation of sandy coastal cords, which closed the lagoon throughout the centuries, the Ria of Aveiro practically accompanies the entire seafront of the Rota da Luz.
They’re 45 Kms of a rich ecosystem in biodiversity, intersected by canals, where the water of the Vouga River and other watercourses of smaller dimensions connect to the salt bed waters brought in by the tides. It’s in this environment in which tourism and nature conjugate, that i have found places of great beauty and peace.
Here, the light changing is constant. The scenery changes every minute, in a succession of images that perpetuate in the observer’s retina. The Moliceiro Boats, of unmistakable silhouette, reflect in the calm waters of the Ria. Its colouring brightens up the spirit and makes us contemplate this gift from Nature.
The dunes of São Jacinto, which are a unique element of this coastal ecosystem of the region of Beira Litoral, are associated with a wood of coniferous trees of about 100 years old, dotted with pockets of non-coniferous trees associated with small humid zones. This environment allows for the gathering of marine, forest and freshwater elements of flora and fauna in small area, rendering it of educational interest. The Natural Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto.

Dozens and dozens of kilometres, in an unending sequence of beaches, from the most cosmopolitan to those still in a wild state, characterize the Rota da Luz’s Atlantic coastline.

Rota da Luz predominant geographic location by the sea contributes significantly to the local cuisine.The sea, the "Ria", and the rivers supply the country with excellent fish which is cooked in many different ways taught from generation to generation, with recognised mastery.
Eels (enguias) are famous whether in soup, "caldeirada" (stew), fried or with "escabeche" (a vinegar sauce); There's also the magnificent mixed fish stews known as caldeiradas, the unique savour of the mussel brochettes (espetadas de mexilhão), the thornback ray with sauce (raia de molho pitau), the petinga de alhada (small sardine with garlic), the savoury river fish stew and the traditional lamprey (lampreia). Cod fishing has deep roots in the region, giving way to a wide variety of salt cod dishes from the traditional bacalhau com arroz de espigos (salt cod acommpanied with rice made with a local vegetable) to the more modern bacalhau com natas (salt cod with cream).For those enjoying a refined cuisine, i recommend the appetising sopa do mar (shellfish soup), the feijoada de marisco (shellfish cooked with beans) and the arroz de marisco (shellfish with rice). From the unique savour of the leitão da Bairrada (raost suckling pig), to the chanfana de borrego or de cabrito (lamb or kid braise), the vitela or carneiro à lampantana (veal or lamb), the chouriça com grelos ( local smoked sausage with vegetables), the rojões or cabrito assado (roasted kid), the local cuisine has a wide variety of magnificent dishes to satisfy the most demanding gourmet.
The University of Aveiro, one of the most important ones in the country, brings life to the nights in the Fish Market Plaza with thousands of students.
The Nights are Glamorous and there are lots of bars to chose from. From the traditional Pub "Toc'Aqui" with its friendly and always happy staff, to local Tabernas, to latin Salsa bars, to the Cosmopolitan Club "Estaçao da Luz" or enjoy a sunset in one of the many Beach Bars or even facing the canal in the modern "Canto Vivo" theres something for everyone, from the early day time breakfast to the late night hours.
This city has a special place in my heart, eventhough i was born in Great Porto my heart is in Aveiro, here i stepped 15 years ago behind a bar for the first time, here are the roots of my passion, Bartending, The Beautiful and glamorous ****Hotel Moliceiro, the 7th floor "Terraço Bar", the Rock&Roll nights at "Labrego", well for me Aveiro is my New Orleans and Venice in Portugal.
I have travelled the world on cruise ships, took bar courses in Italy, Visited distileries in Barbados, Bartended in the Algarve Golden triangle and now its time to bring to Aveiro some of those experiences and re-birth the cocktail culture in this city.
The need for quality and training is a demand for the survival of the bar culture, thats why i had the idea of doing a mixology seminar on Hotel Moliceiro and bring Master Bartender Mr. Paulo Ramos to do a "Hot Drinks" course here in Aveiro, the course will be a 2 day intensive master and will take place in the Hotel Moliceiro,there will be also a Level 1 course in Praia de Mira.
For those interested in any of these courses please contact with me trough my phone 91 3366384 or e-mail me on prosprobar@hotmail.com .

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Now you brought me back lots of memories, from my years studying in Aveiro.
If 15 years ago you were bartending in Terraço, I was probably having a lot of fun in your bar..
Great times!


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