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Bols Genever !!! Introducing the real white spirit from Holland.

The World’s Most Authentic Spirit is introduced to a new generation of bartenders and drinkers
Amsterdam, 3 September 2008 - Lucas Bols, the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, is today
reintroducing Bols Genever, a superior old-school Genever created almost two centuries ago, to a
new generation of bartenders and drinkers around the world. This re-launch is in response to a
worldwide demand for authentic ingredients and class cocktails and creates a brand new white
spirits category.
Genever, considered to be one of the ‘original white spirits’, is the number one distilled spirit in
Holland and until recently was only available in selected local markets.

However the reintroduction of the
superior and premium old school Bols Genever in the USA, UK and The Netherlands will introduce modern
day drinkers around the world to this re-emerging and unique spirit category.
The new Bols Genever bottle reflects the spirit’s authenticity, taking inspiration from the traditional Bols
Genever clay jug. This classic shape is contemporised with the use of distinctive and stylish iconic smoked glass,
decorated with authentic Amsterdam handwritten typography, while retaining a nod to history in the form of a
traditional cork closure.
To celebrate the re-launch of this classic spirit, Bols has created a cocktail collection to inspire the bartending
community. The Bols Genever cocktail collection includes original classics such as The Holland House and
The Collins, as well as some great modern classics which combine the taste of 1820 with the plethora of bitters,
fruits, juices and herbs now available to the modern mixologist. With the re-introduction of Bols Genever,
bartenders can now finally recreate these classics as they were meant to taste.

Lucas Bols B.V. was originally established in 1575 in Amsterdam. The company is built on a long and rich
heritage which forms the basis for all of its brands. As one of the world's leading cocktail liqueur and spirit
producers, the company prides itself on its commitment to innovation and excellence, incorporating the lively,
cosmopolitan spirit of modern day Amsterdam with an international flavour. Based in its homeland
Amsterdam, Lucas Bols B.V. distributes across 110 countries. www.lucasbols.com
Bols (including Genevers, Liqueurs and Vodka). The Bols brand was established in 1575 and is now distributed
across 110 countries worldwide. The Bols Liqueurs range comprises over 36 different flavours, making it a
leading authority in the cocktail sector. One global brand, a million drinks.

Visit the Bols genever web site at :
and the Bols Bartending Akademy at :

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